Thursday, July 14, 2016

China,Shaoxing,New York.


   I like this picture in New York city.2016 

At the Shrine of Hidden Spirit, Hangzhou,China
 At the gate of the Shrine of Hidden Spirit-Ying Ling Temple.
    At the statue of Wang Hui Zee, one of the Early Ancient China's Calligrapher and poet. 
                      At the residence of Lu Xin's kitchen.  The spiritual ego of modern China,
they used modern counter top and recycling system for the kitchen. The family used
rain water recycling for cleaning.

   LuXin's home had Victorian garden to purvey vegetables for the family.
 Lu Xin's home porch.

 LuXin's home performance pavilion with a pond


    East lake, Shaoxing,China

    At waterway, Shaoxing.
    At east lake,Shaoxing

with Korean Association of Mountain Biblioteca

 I've forgotten the badge for years. General secretary of the club handed in the badge that I designed
30 years ago. 

joobong,korea climbing in july 2016

   Kibum Lee, Cerro Torre ascensionist(right)

At the top of rock pillar, we cheered with espresso that Kibum brewed.
Kibum leading the crack.

Seungmo Shin got back to Daambyoraak.